Gold Leaf Sheet

Fun Facts About a Gold Leaf Sheet

Our edible 23 Karat Gold Leaf sheets are a luxurious addition to any cake or chocolate. A specific technique is used to apply it, and there are various creative ways to use them. They have no taste and are used for their shiny appearance to add a glamorous look to any dessert. Our loose gold leaf sheet is best used by tearing off small pieces for decorating candies and truffles.

  • Tricky to use. Gold leaf sheets tear and wrinkle very easily and stick to everything, including your hands. Please handle with care, and we advise you use something like tweezers to place the gold leaf on your candy or chocolate. You can apply it using a natural hairbrush.
  • Great for cakes. Gold leaf sheets are beautiful when applied to cakes, especially fondant cakes. It creates an exquisite cake that will most certainly be memorable.
  • Karats matter. Our gold leaf sheets are 24 karats, which means they are of high quality, darker and more yellowish than 21 karats.


Tips Regarding a Gold Leaf Sheet

Here are some key pieces of information that may be very useful when using these sheets:

  • One chance. You only have one opportunity to apply it to your confectionery.
  • Be gentle. Apply to a cake with a very soft brush as gold sheets are very fragile.
  • Fondant cake. Wet the surface of your cake slightly to make the sheet easier to stick.


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