Silicone Moulds

What You Should Know About Silicone Moulds

Whip It Up Cake Supplies is unique in that we have the tools that enable you to create the best cakes for your customers. Our endless range makes it possible for you to ignite your creativity and develop your own unique brand. We help you facilitate that brand, and it could be as simple as using our exquisite range of silicone moulds.

  • Use quality moulds. It is essential to use authentic, quality moulds to ensure flexibility yields excellent results each time.
  • Think about your choice. There is such a large variety of designs available that it could be difficult to choose. Focus on your theme, what you are trying to achieve, and then look at our silicone moulds to decide which one will work best for you.
  • Prevent sticking. It is frustrating when you have created your beautiful mould, only to have the mixture stick. Some ideas: use cornflour in the mould before pouring in the mixture or place the mould with the mixture in the freezer for five minutes it will temporarily harden the chocolate, making it easier to remove.


Creative Ways to Use Silicone Moulds

If you need some inspiration, consider the following:

  • Paint your creations. This method is a great way to add some artistic creativity. For example, use our Baby Feet Silicone Mould for a baby shower reveal. Paint some feet blue and some pink and place them on cupcakes.
  • Please don't overdo it. Moulded chocolates are fun, but too many at one event or party can cause it to become too busy and lose its impact.
  • Get advice. Have a look at our blogs for some creative ideas or give us a call and let us see how we can assist.

We are with you during the entire moulding process; please don't hesitate to enlist our advice on any of our products.