Chocolate Bar Mould

Fast Facts About a Chocolate Bar Mould

At Whip It Up Cake Supplies, our passion is to help you make the most beautiful cakes by offering you an extensive range of supplies. If you or your customer are chocoholics, check out what you can do with a chocolate bar mould:

  • Whip up your own chocolate. Use our Blocks Chocolate Bars mould and create your very own favoured chocolate from our selection of Lorann Oil Flavours and chocolate.
  • Small and special. Our mini-bars chocolate mould is ideal for creating your mini chocolates, and you can get creative with the flavours and even your packaging.
  • Choose your shapes. We have a wide selection of uniquely designed moulds for those special occasions or even themed events. Our Hearts and Barrel chocolate moulds are fun and can be used creatively for various events or occasions.


Creative Ways to Use chocolate moulds

This is your time to shine and use our moulds as creatively as you can. Think big to create an exceptional cake using our chocolate moulds.

  • Become a chocolatier. Use some flavoured oils, mix dark and white chocolate and package it using your brand name.
  • Decorate your cake. Use our themed shaped moulds to decorate your cake and make it memorable.
  • Zero limitations. Let us help you spark your creativity and guide you with your next cake.

Enjoy the convenience and let us supply all your baking and confectionery needs, whether it be cakes, accessories, or decorations, you name it – we can assist.