Cake Glitter

Cake glitter can add a pop of colour to any cupcake. Whether you’re designing a cake for a special loved one in your life or you’re making something for a once in a lifetime occasion, glitter can incorporate a sense of style and flair to any design.


Tips for Using Cake Glitter

Many bakers aren’t familiar with using this decorative tool on their cupcakes. If you need some tips as to the best way to use glitter, keep these possibilities in mind:

  • There is an old saying that goes: “too much is never enough”. Using glitter on your cupcakes doesn’t abide by this adage. Be sure to use the glitter with a gentle touch so that it doesn’t overpower the dessert. Also, although the glitter is edible, using too much can cause the cupcake to become grainy which can be off-putting.
  • You never want to limit yourself to just one colour. Each container comes with 10ml of glitter, so you should try to keep a handful of colours on hand, so you have different options when it comes to planning your design. For example, if you’re baking cupcakes for an ocean-themed party, you should invest in light blue, white and aqua colours to replicate the sea.
  • To ensure that you can use the glitter more than once, you should always store the container in a cool and dry location. Excessive heat can cause the glitter to stick together which makes it impossible to use.


Regardless of how you decide to use cake glitter, you can rest assured that glitter will only draw attention to this delicious treat.