Edible Gold Flakes

Try Edible Gold Flakes for Added Elegance

One of the most beautiful additions to baked goods is edible gold flakes. It is something that your guests will immediately notice but eating gold is usually quite a thrill. You always see gold flakes in the drinks in movies. Well, you can also create that in your baking and at your next cocktail party. We also have some ideas for you that might spark some new creativity within you.


Tips Regarding Edible Gold Sheets

Using edible gold in your baking can be tricky at first, especially if you love it so much, you can easily overdo it, and your decoration will be a bit overwhelming. Keep in mind that it's to complement your baking as the finishing touch, not blind the customer.

  • Edible gold is very fragile to handle. We advise using a small, fine paintbrush for transferring the gold and that you wear gloves, so you don’t end up in gold instead of the cake.
  • Well, it is gold and therefore not cheap, so do use it sparingly and wisely. Less is more here; specks of gold in a drink, on a chocolate leaf or the rim of a glass is all you need to bring elegance to a party, Don’t overdo it.
  • All you need is a bit of water, and you can mix honey or corn syrup in to make the gold stick better. It is best to transfer it with a brush to your baked goods and handle it as little as possible.

Many objects we previously thought of as sparkly, beautiful and elegant, are now available in edible form and can be just what your baking needs to stand out.


What Sets Us Apart Regarding Edible Glitter in Australia

With the coming of edible glitter, it is no longer parents and crafter’s worst nightmare that will linger on their skin and their kids for days after.

  • Edible glitter is best when painted onto cakes. You can also roll cakes or cupcakes and such in the glitter as it is easy to work with.
  • Again, less is more, and just sprinkling some glitter over your creations is enough of a shine.
  • We are sure to only stock edible glitter and gold, but if you shop elsewhere, make sure that it is edible and doesn’t state non-toxic or non-edible anywhere. It must be edible.

Set your imagination free with only the best ingredients and decorations from Whip It Up Cake Supplies and bring some glamour to your creations.


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