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Buy Fun and Creative Cookie Cutters in Australia

You can readily make a sweet treat to suit your special occasion with our extensive range of cookie cutters in Australia. Whether you require Halloween cookie cutters in Australia, having a Christmas celebration, birthday party, or enjoy creating fun and decorative biscuits, our range of supplies provides you with numerous benefits. We also supply quick and precise stamping shapes and making uniform sizes for even baking. We offer an extensive range of cookie stamps, including holiday themes, numbers, alphabet cutters, and more, so you are sure to find the perfect tool for your requirements.


A Short Buyers Guide to Buying a Square Cookie Cutter

Cookie cutters are made from various materials such as metal and plastic.

  • Metal cookie cutters: You can buy metal cookie cutters made from tin, aluminium, stainless steel or copper. It would help if you stored tin and aluminium cutters loosely to prevent them from bending out of shape and ensure that you dry them immediately after washing to reduce rusting. The advantage of these metal shapes is that they are inexpensive and pliable. Stainless steel cutters are more sturdy and won’t rust as easily as tin, while copper is the most expensive material yet decorative and collectible.
  • Plastic accessories: You can buy plastic cookie cutters with or without handles and, as they are a popular choice, there is a vast selection of shapes and designs available. They are also inexpensive and have softer edges than metal cutters, making them ideal when baking with children. You can easily wash and store plastic cutters, and there is no risk of them rusting.
  • Specialty moulds: You can get easy-to-use cookie cutters such as our plunger range. These cutters prevent your dough from sticking to the mould, and you can easily pop out the shape directly onto your baking tray. The benefit of these cutters is that they minimise any excessive handling of your dough.


Tips Regarding Number Cookie Cutters

Consider our tips for getting more value and enjoyment out of your cookie cutters.

  • Prevent dough from sticking: You can roll your dough in between two sheets of baking paper to prevent unnecessary sticking to your bench or rolling pin. This set-up means that you can cut your cookies out on the parchment paper, allowing them to hold their shape better as you won’t be scraping cut-outs off your counter top.
  • Create a cutter puzzle: Be strategic when cutting shapes out of your dough. Try to fit your cookie cutters close together and get as many shapes out of one batch as you can to reduce the volume of scraps. This puzzle strategy also means you can minimise the number of times you re-roll your dough which can alter the consistency.
  • Dips your cutters in flour: Be sure to lightly dip your cutters in flour between each cut to reduce the chance of dough sticking to the shape. If you have an intricate cutter with holes or small spaces, you can remove any stuck dough with a toothpick, chopstick, or similar tool.

You can further enhance the look of your biscuits by using a cookie embosser to imprint a stunning design into fondant before placing it on top of your treat.


Creative Ways to Use Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter

There are numerous fun and creative ways to use your cutters during the festive season, aside from making cookies.

  • Make some candy shapes: Cookie cutters are the perfect size for making homemade holiday candies or marshmallows. Snowflakes and star cutters pair beautifully with Christmas tree candies for some variety in your shapes. Alternatively, cutters are also ideal when making homemade soaps that you can wrap and gift to loved ones.
  • Create decorations: You can tie a ribbon around three different-sized cookie cutters to create a fun and unique Christmas tree decoration or to hang in the window. Metal decorations can reflect the light, so they will stand out more on your tree than plastic cutters. When giving baking supplies as a Christmas gift, you can also tie a cookie cutter onto a present with some ribbon for an added stylish effect.
  • Use it as a stencil: You can make personal and unique Christmas cards using cookie cutters as a creative tool. There are various ways you can use the cutters, such as tracing the shape with a pencil then colouring it in, dipping the edge in some paint and using it as a stamp, or cutting out the traced shape. If baking in the kitchen is your passion, cutters are ideal for making shapes out of your pie crust to place on top for an artistic display.


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