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You will use your cake decorating turntable all the time, whether you are a frequent or infrequent baker, which means it is a good investment. Read on if you do not know what it is or why you should have it, and even if you do.


Why You Should Invest in a Rotating Cake Stand

What is a cake turntable, and why do you need one? It is a cake stand with a top that revolves, providing you with a level plane on which to place the cake, cookies, or cupcakes and the capability to spin it around while decorating or frosting.

  • This feature makes your job much easier as you do not have to move around the confection. It moves around for you as it turns around on its base. We even offer a decorating turntable with a brake. A locking turntable permits you to keep the gateau steady while adding another layer, preventing it from shifting around.
  • Fill and frost a layer-cake quickly and easily. The secure base raises your delicacy off the counter, holding it stable as you turn it around during your embellishing endeavour.
  • Buy a cake turntable made of metal, aluminium, or food-grade plastic. Ensure that the base is stable, and the axis flexible. It's easy to clean and makes no noise to disturb your creative mood.

An elevated turntable is undemanding from an ergonomic viewpoint because you can work on the bottom and sides of the cake effortlessly if it is raised from the counter surface.


What You Can Expect from Us Regarding a Cake Turntable in Australia

We supply anything from party supplies to custom made cutters, raise-it-up cookie stamps, moulds, tins, edible images, and a surprising range of baking ingredients.

  • Our 31-centimetre Metal Cake Turntable has a 360-degree rotation, stable, weighted non-slip base, twin ball bearings for a smooth gliding action, and guide marks so you can centre the cake. A turntable with ball bearings turns effortlessly and is less noisy.
  • The 14-centimetre Cookie Swivel Turntable enables you to turn cupcakes and cookies effortlessly without spoiling the icing. It provides 360-degree access to all sides of the pastry, consists of food-grade plastic, and offers a non-slip design.
  • Boldly decorate your cakes with our no-wobble, easy-glide Heavy Duty Aluminium Turntable 360 Pro-Loyal. Its precision S/S bearings result in an ultra-smooth rotating action. The non-slip padded base prevents sliding and moving. With its bevelled edge and centring guides, this is the ideal product for frequent bakers. View our care instructions.


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